Factories rebound in June, best showing since 2014

Manufacturing in New York state rebounded this month to the highest level since 2014, another sign of strength for America’s factories.

The Federal Reserve Bank of New York says its Empire State manufacturing index climbed to 19.8 after falling to minus-1 in May. Readings above zero show that factories are expanding.

The new orders index rose to 18.1 after registering minus-4.4 in May. But hiring slowed: The employment index came in at 7.7, positive but down from 11.9 in May.

  • Manufacturing in New York state rebounded this month to the highest level since 2014, another sign of strength for America’s factories.
  • The Empire State index only measures sentiment in New York, but economists track it because it provides an early read on factory output nationwide.

The Empire State index only measures sentiment in New York, but economists track it because it provides an early read on factory output nationwide. It has risen seven of the last eight months. A national manufacturing index from the Institute for Supply Management has registered nine straight months of growth.

Here’s how long it will take young people to afford to buy a home

Eighty percent of millennials report that they would like to buy a home, and a majority even say that it’s part of their five-year plan. Yet 68 percent have less than $1,000 saved. Almost half, or 44 percent, have saved nothing at all, according to new data from Apartment List.

Apartment List reports that “72 percent [of millennials] said affordability is the primary obstacle” to purchasing real estate. And many of those who have been to college are hampered by the loans they had to take out to finance their educations. According to their findings, “high levels of student debt and stagnant career opportunities have long kept millennials sidelined from the real estate market.” It defines millennials as those born between 1982 and 2004.

When the cost of college started rising sharply in the 1990s, the universities jacking up the prices probably didn’t consider the effect their actions would have on the real estate market of today. Now, student loans are a primary reason given why millennials would like to buy homes but cannot afford to.

a region by region breakdown of where the economy stands right now

The U.S. economy continued to grow at a steady, if sluggish, pace from early April through late May, according to the Federal Reserve‘s latest survey of regional economic conditions.

That slow pace also helped keep inflation in check, according to comments from the businesses polled by the central bank’s 12 regional districts.

“On balance, pricing pressures were little changed from the prior report,” the central bank said in its Beige Book report on the economy.

Everything you need to know about Burst Pipes


Burst pipes can be a nightmare, especially if left to their own devices. They can quickly do damage to electrical work as well as structural elements such as floors and ceilings if not fixed promptly.

A common misconception is that pipes only burst in winter when they become frozen. However, this is not always the case as pipes can burst at any time of year due to general wear and tear.

This article will indicate what you need to look for and what action to take once you have a burst pipe on your hands.

Burst Pipe Symptoms

When most people think of a burst pipe they think of water gushing out of a huge hole in the side of a pipe. Whilst this is indeed the case sometimes, often a burst pipe can be a lot subtler, causing damage without you necessarily realising until it’s too late.

Things to look out for:

  • Water pressure issues or intermittent water supply to taps
  • Water damages patches on your walls or ceilings
  • Damp patches of flooring
  • Bulges in walls

Once you realise you have a burst pipe you need to act fast.

What to Do When You Discover a Burst Pipe

The first action you must take is to turn the water off. This is usually controlled through a stopcock that is generally located under your kitchen sink, underneath your boiler or in some cases is located outside. You’ll need to switch off your central heating too.

Once everything is off, open up all of your taps to drain the system and then close them back up once there is no more water left to run off. At this point you need to call an emergency plumber whilst you mop up the water and make sure any electrics are safe.

We offer a rapid response service for burst pipes in and around North London, so if disaster does strike, call us on 020 3984 9531 and we’ll get out to you as soon as possible.

What to Do After a Burst Pipe Is Fixed

Once you have a plumber on-site, it’s time to ring your insurance company and start the process of totting up the damage to your property and your belongings. Make sure to take photos of everything and receipts for anything that needs replacing.

If your flood is particularly severe you will need to wait for your insurance company to send a loss adjuster out to you. They will begin the process of sorting out repairs and drying out your flooded space. In the meantime, move any possessions out of harm’s way.

Make sure to never throw anything away that you’ve had to replace without first documenting it and sending it through to your insurers.


Suffering a burst pipe can be catastrophic if not acted upon quickly. If you are inside your home and it happens to you, now you know what to do in order to limit the damage.

In this emergency situation, it is crucial to call for a plumber as soon as possible, particularly if you cannot locate the water supply to turn it off. We offer a rapid response burst pipe repair service for the North London area should the need ever arise.

If you have any questions about burst pipes or any other plumbing services, don’t be afraid to chat with a member of our team using the box in the bottom right-hand corner of our website.

Everything you need to know about Burst Pipes

Why do you need annual boiler servicing?

Opus Boiler Serving

We can all agree that a working boiler is a necessity when the weather is out of sorts, and all you can do is dream about walking into a warm, welcoming home.

It is also nice to have hot water because of creature comforts and all that.

In all seriousness, though, even though boilers these days are very reliable and will last for years, it is still a good idea to have them serviced regularly.

Honestly, it should have a spot on your yearly home maintenance checklist.

Maintenance vs Safety Checks

Annual boiler servicing keeps your family safe and protects your home from potential damages. When seeking out a professional to check for issues, always verify that it is a Gas Safe registered engineer doing the work.

Safety checks let you know that everything is working correctly and safely, but it is not the same thing as servicing your boiler. A proper servicing includes inspecting the combustion chambers are in working order as well as all other internal components.

Servicing must be done by a professional.

Warranty Requirements

New boilers have warranties or some sort of guarantee for the first several years after installation. Should you choose to purchase an extended warranty, it is not unusual for one of the requirements to be mandatory annual boiler servicing.

You will need to check the requirements because, in some instances, there are additional requirements stating that only approved engineers can perform the servicing.

Remember to read the fine print, so you do not haphazardly invalidate your warranty.

During the Service

When getting your boiler serviced, several steps are followed to ensure the unit is working as designed. They will typically start with the controls to verify that they were working correctly.

The boiler is also inspected for any leaks or corrosion that could cause future problems. The casing is then removed to examine the inner components. Gas pressure is also checked and verified for what is expected of your model.

A boiler servicer will also test your flue for noxious or dangerous fumes that could harm you or your family. If they detect anything, they will let you know so you can decide what to do next.
In the end, the casing will be popped back in place with a final check of any exposed seals. If everything passes the inspection, then you would typically receive a report or checklist of everything that was examined.

Getting Your Boiler Serviced

Having your boiler serviced is undoubtedly best practice, but if you see other signs indicating service is needed earlier, do not hesitate to call on your local boiler repair specialist.

Some signs include a yellow flame instead of a blue flame, marks or stains around a gas boiler, a pilot light that refuses to stay on, or an increase in the amount of condensation in your boiler room.

Symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning include nausea, vomiting, headaches, dizziness, fatigue, and difficulty breathing. If you suspect a gas leak, get your boiler inspected as soon as possible and vacate your family and pets.

Why do you need annual boiler servicing

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