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Our engineers are qualified and trained to deal with every type of emergency toilet situation, whether it's in a commercial building or a domestic property. Our team will respond quickly to your emergency and be with you urgently. We are your local emergency plumbing service with a 5-star rating for customer service. If you have a leaking toilet, blocked drains, or no water supply, we are the ones to call.

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Toilet issues repaired

In any building, the toilet is used constantly throughout the day and it’s often forgotten about until it stops working. When the toilet goes wrong, however, we understand you want it fixed straight away. It's a fixture that is difficult to go without. There’s a risk of flooding, overflowing, and leaking sewage with a broken toilet. One of the problems we see regularly is a toilet cistern that doesn’t stop running and fails to shut off properly. As the water keeps running, you could find that your bill rises and costs you more. Get in contact with us and we’ll repair or replace the cistern system to get it working again properly. We’ve seen all kinds of toilets over the years and have experience of fixing them all.

The things we see most often when asked to repair a toilet:

  • Overflow running
  • Continuous flushing
  • Leaks
  • No water supply
  • Flush not working
  • Blocked pipes

Our team is here to repair existing toilets or install a newer more efficient fixture that will reduce your water bill. For any toilet-related problems that you are experiencing, contact us, as we are Huddersfield’s local service provider. We guarantee a responsive, professional, and friendly service to resolve the toilet issues you have.

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Our team is committed to providing you with the highest standard of customer satisfaction.


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Our team is committed to providing you with the highest standard of customer satisfaction.


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In case of an Unexpected problem we are mobile enough to send the best person for the job to respond to your Emergency.

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