Unvented Cylinder Installation

Unvented cylinder installation

Unvented cylinder

Opus has been assisting homeowners, landlords, and companies in and around Huddersfield with all their plumbing and heating requirements. Our engineers are Gas Safe and industry accredited and hold the G3 certification required to install and service unvented cylinders.

If you need to replace an existing cylinder or feel that your property would benefit from a new heating system or unvented cylinder contact us for a competitive price, excellent customer service, and the highest standard of workmanship.

Opus features a full range of plumbing, heating, and installation solutions in Huddersfield and surrounding areas. Call us today on 01484 613203 for a free quote and special savings!

What are the benefits of an unvented cylinder

An unvented cylinder provides mains pressure hot water directly from the cold mains supply. It achieves this by drawing water directly from the mains and heating it using a source relevant to the system such as a boiler or electricity. As the water is drawn directly from the mains, the pressure is consistent and generally superior to the traditional vented system which relies on gravity to provide the pressure.

As the unvented cylinder is a sealed system it requires an expansion chamber to store excess hot water as it expands within the system. The installation of an unvented cylinder system requires specialist knowledge and experience. Installation requires the engineer to hold G3 certification, which the team at Opus has. The system will also require specialist servicing every year to make sure it’s working properly and safely.

As well as improved pressure, an unvented system does not require a large holding tank. Without the need for a tank, the system requires significantly less space than options. Although an unvented cylinder is more expensive than a traditional vented cylinder, this could be the right option for your needs.

If improving the water pressure and saving space are important factors for you to overcome, then an unvented cylinder could be the right addition to your heating system. If you would like to discuss the benefits of an unvented cylinder and get a competitive installation price do not hesitate to contact us - your local heating experts.

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